Tidesong Healing Arts

Joseph Ulysse Saine LMT, RCST®

Engaging Vitality,
Establishing Coherence,
Facilitating Unbounded Freedom

Albuquerque, NM
El Morro/Ramah, NM
Seattle, WA

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(541) 638-0073

“I offer deeply transformative bodywork
with a breadth of therapeutic approaches to meet your needs.
From deep tissue structural work to subtle energetic attunement,
I am well equipped to serve your body, mind, heart and soul in the process of healing.”  

Specializing in Neurological Solutions for
Adults, Infants & Children experiencing: 

+ Chronic Pain & Inflammation
+ Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Grief
+ Nervous System Dysregulation
+ Neurodivergence and Behavioral Disorders
+ Inflammatory & Auto-Immune Diseases

+ Post Traumatic Stress (PTSD/CPTSD)
+ Birth Trauma & Developmental Trauma
+ End-of-Life Transitions

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Appointments and Rates 

Primary Modalities

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy is a deeply effective modality that works with the body’s vital force to amplify and assist healing processes. It brings together in-depth understandings of neural anatomy, embryology, perinatal psychology, trauma-theory, quantum physics and buddhist psychology into one powerfully resonant approach to bodywork.

By feeling and making more space for the natural rhythms of expansion and contraction that move through the nervous system, we allow ease and coherence to come to the forefront. These healing forces originate in the process of embryogenesis and continue to express themselves in the innate healing responses of our body-minds throughout our lives.

Craniosacral Therapy addresses health from the root rather than by only alleviating symptoms. It has a wide range of applications including resolving developmental and birth trauma, unwinding old injuries and chronic pain, relieving chronic stress, anxiety and depression, improving mental health, bringing stability to neurodivergent people (including behavioral disorders), and alleviating a wide range of auto-immune diseases. 

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Structural Bodywork (aka Structural Integration, Myofascial Release, & Connective Tissue Therapy) involves applying slow deep traction and pressure to manipulate fascia (connective tissue). It differs from traditional massage in that it works with the intricate web of connections between muscles, bones, joints and other tissue structures as a whole rather than individual muscle groupings individually.

Structural Bodywork comes out of the work of Dr. Ida Rolfe (Rolfing) who delved deeply into the vast interstitial web of connective tissue. It has a very specific approach to facilitating dynamic balance and alignment in great detail throughout the whole body. Structural approaches to bodywork are tools that combine well in meeting the therapeutic needs of people in need of deep tissue manipulations.

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Psychological trauma causes physiological changes that lead to a wide variety of health problems if left unresolved. Often, these health problems are difficult to diagnose and treat with conventional medicine leaving patients with nowhere to turn. For many, Trauma-Informed Somatic Bodywork is a powerful way towards resolution and deep healing. 

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By body, mind and healing art, the world is mended heart to heart.
Our body-minds and hearts begin, to see the flow in everything. 

The singing of the heart is true, I have a gift to share with you.

OBMT License # 24827
WA DOH License # MA 60942166