The following Somatic, Bodywork & Energetic modalities are the primary building blocks of my practice. All of these methodologies either stand alone in focus and depth or can be combined in various ways for custom session work.

Through these modalities I am able to work with a wide range of issues on many levels including:

Physical, Emotional, Mental, Spirital, Energetic, Relational & Ancestral.


Somatic Exploration offers support and skills to navigate the vast territories of our internal landscapes. Working with the felt sense experience, we open our awareness little by little to the many layers and rhythms within. In the guided exploration of these inner layers we begin to make powerful connections with wise natural-cosmic forces of healing intelligence that imbue all living beings.

There are infinite ways to explore the somatic landscape. Through the application of any combination of touch, awareness, movement, guided meditation and self expression, somatic sessions are unique to each person’s process.

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Somatic Bodywork

Through organic processes of metabolizing undigested experience held in the body, we return to holistic integrity. Natural vital organization and coherent healing forces are allowed to come to the forefront.

Alchemical Alignment is both body-oriented & energetic in it’s approach and can be applied either with or without touch. It usually includes at least some silence and some verbal communication to offer opportunities for cognitive orientation. (it can also be done energetically in total silence depending on what works best for the individual).

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Biodynamic Bodywork is an elegantly subtle yet deeply effective approach to manual therapy. It works with the body’s innate healing intelligence through the vital forces within the extracellular matrix to amplify and assist healing processes. Biodynamic work can be focalized through the Nervous System (Craniosacral Biodynamics), Internal Organ Systems (Visceral Biodynamics), and Cardiovascular System (Cardioceptive Biodynamics).

Through a gentle & fluid hands-on approach, biodynamic bodywork allows the unwinding of tension, protective contraction, as well as more subtle energetic patterns held in the tissues that cause all manner of disease and chronic issues.

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Biodynamic Bodywork…

Structural Bodywork (AKA Structural Integration, Myofascial Release, & Connective Tissue Therapy) involves manually applying slow deep traction and pressure to manipulate deep tissue layers. It differs from traditional massage in that it is based in a very specific time-tested and evidence-based approach to facilitate dynamic balance and alignment in great detail throughout the whole body.

Structural Bodywork fascilitates unwinding within the intricate web of connective tissue (or fascia) that exists within and between muscles, bones, joints and other tissue structures. It works with this vast web as an intelligent whole rather than as individual muscle groupings. Depending on what you need, Structural Bodywork can be a very pleasurable and relaxing experience as well as an intense (and sometimes productively painful) process of release.

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It is truly amazing what can be accomplished through remote healing sessions. By working with energetic fields and guided somatic work, we can access healing on all levels of physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, energetic, relational and ancestral spectrums.

Every remote session is unique and is offered in support of your healing process. Sessions can happen via video call, phone call or completely energetically without the use of communication technology.

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All living beings have energetic fields. The developmental dynamics of these fields around sickness and health have been understood by many cultures around the globe for millennia and are being mapped more and more by contemporary scientists.

Energetic fields in and around the body are relationally interactive and have a huge influence on how we feel on many levels. Through working with these fields, it is possible to harmonize & synchronize the vital forces in all systems of the body for optimal health, coherence, & integration of past experiences.

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Trauma can be complicated and deeply personal. It’s often difficult to navigate post-traumatic realities, especially in a culture that lacks understanding. Whether dealing with shock-based, developmental, complex or ancestral trauma, symptoms are often chronic and difficult to diagnose. In practice it is common to see physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, energetic and relational repercusions when dealing with unresolved traumatized physiology.

Unresolved trauma essentially leads to disconnection. Whether that’s disconnection within ourselves or disconnection with others, the effects can be deep and far reaching. Through integrative practice we can move toward connection and regulation step by step.

Depending on the case, any of the previous Somatic, Bodywork & Energetic modalities can be useful in various combinations when working with trauma resolution. Body-based (or “bottom-up”) approaches to resolving trauma tend to be emphasized for their consistant effectiveness even in the most complex and deeply set-in patterns of trauma held in the body, mind and spirit.

There are so many ways to move towards re-integrating lost pieces, reclaiming stolen power, and repairing frozen or broken parts of ourselves.

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