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For appointments and other inquiries please contact Joseph:

(505) 333-9693

or feel free to use the contact form at the end of the page below.

Next Available Openings

Remote Sessions
Now receiving new clients
(Please contact for more information and scheduling)

Albuquerque, NM

January 19-23 2023

*more dates in 2023 TBD*

El Morro, NM

November 2022 – January 2023

Seattle, WA

February 1 – March 14 2023


60 min: $100 – $140 sliding scale *
90 min: $150 – 190 sliding scale *
120 min: $200 – 250 sliding scale *

90 min: $200 – $240 sliding scale *
120 min: $250 – $300 sliding scale

60 min: $90 – $130 sliding scale *
90 min: $140 – $180 sliding scale *
120 min: $190 – 230 sliding scale *

CHILDREN (Infant – 14 yo)
60 min. $50 – 90 sliding scale *
90 min: $75 – 115 sliding scale
(Sometimes, sessions with young children are complete sooner than expected. I am happy to receive a lower fee to reflect the actual length of the session with a minimum of $40 per session.) 

First session is free for 0 – 5 month olds.

*A Note on Sliding Scales:
I use a sliding scale fee schedule so that each client can decide for themselves what is fair to pay based on the services they receive and their financial means. The price range listed here reflects what I consider to be the low-end and the upper-end of what my services are worth without tips.

Low Income Opportunities:
I am dedicated to making my services accessible to people in need. I offer a number of opportunities for reduced-price, barter or free sessions to people who are truly in need of my work and dedicated to their own process of healing. If you are a member of an underserved community or are going through a time of need and think that my services may be what you are looking for, please contact me and I will send you a low-income application.

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