Alchemical Alignment

Joseph is now a part of the teaching faculty of the Alchemical Alignment Professional Training Program.
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Alchemical Alignment is an interactive awareness and body-oriented somatic therapy created by Brigit Viksnins MAT, SEP, RCST®, BCTMB, LMT. Brigit’s work is a brilliant synergy between manual therapy, Somatic Experiencing, Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, Osteopathic Neural/Visceral work, Aikido, Pre and Perinatal Psychology, Family Constellations and various other somatic therapeutics.

Alchemical Alignment is a powerful approach to trauma resolution, metabolizing undigested experiences, and reseting overactive threat responses. Through the inherent wisdom of the body, we explore the potential of repairing damage and restoring natural and regulated expressions of health.

It can be very difficult to see any way forward after great difficulties are experienced in the body. Alchemical Alignment offers a wide variety of tools and approaches to meet each person where they are without needing to suppress/override anything that’s there or force anything to happen unnaturally. Each session is totally unique depending on the needs of the individual whose experience is being centered. With options to engage manual & verbal therapeutic work as well as movement, guided meditation, consciousness work, constellations, awareness maps and education, Alchemical Alignment is beautifully fluid and flexible. Certified AA practitioners are well trained and equipped to create conditions for repair and regeneration after a wide variety of traumatic experiences.

Alchemical Alignment is also a very useful way to engage the power of the body to resolve chronic pain/stress, mental or spiritual dilemmas/crises, depressive or hyper-activated states in the nervous system, as well as interpersonal relational issues. Alchemical Alignment can easily be integrated with other somatic, bodywork & energetic modalities. In sessions we are able to work with somatic imprints from the past or present as well as work with Physical, Emotional, Mental, Spiritual, Energetic, Relational and Ancestral layers.