Trauma Resolution

Our living organisms are self-healing and repairing. When a challenge becomes overwhelming to our vitality it may get stuck in a pattern leaving an imprint that shows up in our experience repetitively. Trauma is a challenge or complex of challenges that never had a chance to be completed or resolved.

My work with Trauma is to create conditions for healing in collaboration with your organisms patterns of vitality. I invite you into a process of specific rehabilitation and repair so that life can proceed with more freedom, resilience, sovereignty and curiosity.

I bring a well-equipped “tool belt” to meet patterns of PTSD and CPTSD. My work is always grounded in listening for and following your system’s inherent intelligence. You bring whatever you are and wherever you are in your process. I bring stable somatic, biodynamic, energetic, structural and vitalistic resources to hold you and gently pendulate towards healing in small doable pieces.

Unresolved trauma can be complicated and deeply personal. It’s often difficult to navigate post-traumatic realities, especially in a culture that lacks understanding. Whether dealing with shock, developmental, complex, intergenerational, historical, ancestral or systemic trauma, symptoms are often chronic, complicated, and commonly go undiagnosed by most health-care providers. This leaves patients with very little resources or places to turn for support. In practice it’s common to see physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, energetic and relational repercussions when dealing with unresolved traumatized physiology.

It can be useful to understand the difference between Shock Trauma (aka Post Traumatic Stress Disorder – PTSD) and Complex or Developmental Trauma (aka Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). Here are some starting points for differentiation:

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