Remote Healing

Remote Healing (or Distance Healing) is the practice of bodywork without being in physical proximity. It is a surprisingly effective way to access and open the intelligence of your body/mind/spirit without needing to be together in person. Almost all of the hands-on modalities that I practice can be practiced at a distance.

My journey with remote healing began in 2002 when I was introduced to the idea as part of my training as a Reiki Practitioner. I was very skeptical of the idea of “distance healing” at the time and didn’t give it much thought or attention and focused more on in-person work.

All that changed a few years later when a dear friend became very sick with a mysterious illness. As he was hours away from receiving medical attention, he gave me a call to ask for support. He knew how effective my work was for him when we were together in-person but he was hours away from me at the time. He implored me to try to do a distance session with him and I reluctantly agreed to try.

I found myself following an intuitive process that unfolded gracefully and my friend found himself experiencing a series of waves of energy flowing over his body. As the session continued, all the tension and pain he was carrying in his system began to melt away and he exclaimed with delight as he recovered totally from the acute inflammatory condition he was experiencing moments ago. I was totally astonished and deeply curious as to how this could be. Little by little I experimented more with remote work and was consistently met with amazing results.

Since then I have received numerous trainings that have influenced my remote work. My biggest influences are Osteopathic Bodywork, Biodynamics, Visceral Bodywork, Structural Bodywork, Pre/Perinatal Psychology, Somatic Bodywork, and various energy healing modalities.

There are many options for what is possible In remote session work. Commonly, we may come again and again to feeling and making more space for the natural rhythms of expansion and contraction that move through the nervous system. By allowing ease and coherence to come to the forefront, the inherent healing impulses of your neurophysiology are allowed to express more fully. These healing forces originate in the process of embryogenesis and continue to express themselves in the innate healing responses of our body-minds throughout our entire lives. It is my honor to hold these deeper patterns with my clients tenderly and lovingly. Even at a distance, profound change is possible.

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