Remote Healing

Remote Healing (or Distance Session Work) is a surprisingly effective way to work together with the intelligence of our body/mind/spirit without needing to be together in person.

My journey with remote healing began long ago when I was studying Reiki as a teenager. I was very skeptical at the time and didn’t give it much thought or attention and focused more on in-person healing work. All that changed when a dear friend became very sick

By feeling and making more space for the natural rhythms of expansion and contraction that move through the nervous system, we allow ease and coherence to come to the forefront. These healing forces originate in the process of embryogenesis and continue to express themselves in the innate healing responses of our body-minds throughout our lives.

Craniosacral Therapy addresses health from the root rather than by only alleviating symptoms. It has a wide range of applications including resolving developmental and birth trauma, unwinding old injuries and chronic pain, relieving chronic stress, anxiety and depression, improving mental health, bringing stability to neurodivergent people (including behavioral disorders), and alleviating a wide range of auto-immune diseases. 

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