“Your touch and talent is incomparable. It’s the best I’ve ever had for bodywork and massage.”

– Landon, Washington

“I’ve had many massages and yours is the most diligent, focused and amazing!”

– Ed, Washington

“The healing this practitioner offers is the healing we need, to relieve the anxiety we carry from living in the modern world, and to reorient to a path of wellness!

The Craniosacral sessions I have received from Joseph Saine have had extraordinary and life changing impacts on me. Each session is an intimate dance with my vital force in which the systems of my body reorient to wellness and health. Used in succession, the sessions I have received from Joseph have unraveled layers of trauma held in my body as tension, indigestion, inflammation, sore muscles, headaches, and anxiety. The healing effect is not limited to my time on the table because the effect of his work sets in motion a cascade of healing facilitated by my body’s inherent forces.

I can not recommend receiving Craniosacral from Joseph more highly. He is incredibly skilled, carries himself with deep integrity and respect, and is truly invested in the healing of his clients.”

– Manouchehr, Marine Biologist, Oregon

“The work I have done with Joseph over the last many years has changed my body and my mind in exceptional ways.

Joseph’s ability to sink in and sense the subtleties of my body’s healing flow, his amazingly deep and intuitive touch, and his informed perspective on the path to my wellness and healing has been one of the biggest blessings of my life so far.

I am so grateful to have access to Joseph as a caring aid on the journey to full mobility in body, mind and emotional wholeness.

I highly recommend Joseph as a therapist.”

– Simon, Massage Therapist, Oregon

“Joseph has incredible depth, sensitivity and presence.

I can feel his deep connection to nature and spirit along with his knowledge of the body and trauma coming together in a very grounded, skilled and attuned way — creating such a container of expansiveness and safety for me.

Over the years he has supported me with many Craniosacral sessions, and helps me integrate the experience afterwards by talking about it and offering further steps of reflection and self care (when I want/need that). He also lets me just sit in silence if that’s what I need. Each session I have had has been unique for what I’ve needed at the time. I’ve felt noticeable changes in my nervous system, released tension in many parts of my body, heart opening with deeper access to my emotions, as well as total disappearance of chronic nerve pain in my arm!!

I truly can’t recommend Joseph enough: his Craniosacral sessions are both powerful and subtle, and feel guided by the divine and sometimes otherworldly— creating such a beautiful container for my whole being to expand, heal and recalibrate.”

– Amara, Visual Artist, Ontario  

“Our meeting yesterday shifted something for me. The time you spent talking with me before and after the session was as important in its own way as the bodywork. We need places where we can tell the truth. You gave me permission to do this with words and on the table. The body does have its own wisdom and mine certainly spoke.

There aren’t many places where one is allowed to be oneself in mind, spirit and body.  That you give this to your clients feels remarkable.

– Doug, Ceramic Artist, New Mexico